Booking Terms

  • We respectfully remind guests that a reservation constitutes a contract between themselves and Afon Gwyn Country House.
  • In the event of cancellations, alterations or reduction of numbers by the client, the Country House will undertake to mitigate its losses and to re-let the room at similar rates. The Guest will be responsible for the loss incurred by the Country House in the event that rooms remain unoccupied, or are occupied at a lower rate than the date the room was originally booked. The cancellation charges imposed by the Country House will therefore reflect the actual loss.
  • Any postponement of confirmed bookings will be treated as cancellation. We reserve the right to amend our tariff without notice.
  • Damage: We reserve the right to charge for the replacement, cleaning or repair of any item belonging to the Country House or the fabric of the building itself, damaged either wilfully or because reasonable precautions have not been taken.